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Montana Sapphire faceting rough
Sapphire Facet Rough
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The 24 kt gold ball which is suspended over a
pit in the sanctuary floor, will be lowered and
covered at an auspicious, prescribed time,  
helping to insure success for the temple.
The gold ball pictured is suspended on vines from the
surrounding jungle. 24 kt gold has been applied by
many thousand visitors making merit, offering prayers
to Buddha, and success for the temple.
Anyone searching for inner peace and tranquility,
can stay gratis at any Thai temple. The relatively
new  temple is located approximately 40 kilometers
off the main road toward Chiangrai.
Another view of the temple in the jungle. Notice the
"A"frame in the foreground, from which another gold
ball is suspended, ready to drop and be covered for
posterity. There will be many of these balls installed
around the outside of the temple.
Fearsome dragons standing guard over another of
the 24 KT gold balls. Here you can see how the
dragon sits upon the rail surrounding the temple.
Inside view of the jungle temple. Notice
the intricate craftsmanship involved.
Worshipers inside the beautiful temple.
Micro devotee just hanging around, guarding
the gold ball.
Beautiful dragon head, the entire dragon is on top of
the railing surrounding the temple. Total area of the
temple foundation is approximately 1/2 acre.
Old guy, yours truly, just plain tired, and in need of rest,
from all  that peace and tranquility at the jungle temple.