We attempt to seek out estate sales each weekend. Only items of interest will be offered for sale, including items of
costume jewelry. Pictures of the first offering of discarded treasures are below, prices and additional items will be added
soon. We will pass on to the customer the very low prices we pay for the items. You will notice in some instances, the
prices will be much lower than shipping and handling costs. However, in most instances the prices, including shipping, will
be much lower than major thrift stores or antique outlets for the same type item.
1 805 492 1904
DT 015, Earring pair, leaf design for
pierced ears. Total weight is .36 grams.
Earring backs are marked 14/20 GF.
Price $1.00
DT 030, Vintage, innert bullet pendant on
22 inch, WW2 dog tag style chain. Bullet is
marked 9mm Luger PMC $4.00
DT-012, Hand painted vintage balsa wood
dangle earrings. Total length is 8.5 cm,
dangle width is 13.5cm, width of ball post
is 16.5mm. $1.50
DT-013, Mix bead necklace with silver
plate chain and claw type fastener,
marked " CHICO'S ". Necklace length is
10.5" weight is 70 Grams. $2.00
DT-019, Earring pair-gold color 25 mm
set with blue glass 13.5 mm glass
cabochon, pierced ear type. Total weight
15 grams. $1.00
DT-014, Vintage earring pair-Black glass
30mm round with clip type backs. $1.00
DT-043, Vintage earring pair, Middle
East design. Pierced ear style brass with
worn silver plate. 17 X 22.5mm, total
weight 2 grams. $1.00
DT-028, Vintage gold plate cut crystal
earring pair. Dangle type, 24mm X 22mm.
Marked "Weiss" $4.00
DT-022, Vintage, heavy gold plate
necklace marked "AVON". 26.5" long and
8mm wide. $4.00
DT-011, Wood earring pair 30mm with
22mm hammered stainless steel insert.
Pierced ear type, weighing 8 grams. $1.00
DT-020, Earrings, turquoise overlay on
genuine seashells with sterling silver inserts.
19 X 21mm-8 grams-unique! $8.00
DT-013, Necklace, mixed size and style glass beads, with a
silverplate chain and claw style clasp marked "CHICO'S". The
necklace is 10.75" long and weighs 70 grams. $3.00
DT-026, Necklace, 40 inch length, 76
grams. Gold color link chain with faux pearls
and faux (plastic) faceted stones. $2.50
DT-024, Earring pair, ivory colored clip on,
carved plastic. 39 X 13mm 28 grams total
weight. $1.50
DT-010, Earring pair, plastic mother of pearl
simulant. Pierced ear type with loop for
hanging drops or.......? 25mm Dia. 2 grams
total weight. 50 cents
DT-001, Bead necklace, India design with
silver plate and glass beads. Length, 9" with
largest beads 13 mm, weight is 15 grams.
DT-023, Earring pair, pierced type,
angular design, plastic with metal. 3
inches long by 1.25 inches wide, weight
10 grams. $1.00
DT-004, Bead necklace, wire wrapped, 6
ea 10 mm beads with claw type clasp.
length is 9 inches, weight 11 grams. $1.50
DT-005, Serpentine chain necklace with 2
hanging links and 1 fluted bead. The
necklace is gold color and 2.5 mm
diameter and is fastened with a claw
clasp. Weight is 30 grams. $6.00
DT-043, Earrings, hanging chain style.
Chains are silver and black color of varying
lengths and styles. The earrings are pierced
style 5.25 inches long, weight is 9 grams.
DT-038, Vintage earring pair, filligree style set
with frosted, faceted hearts. Hanging from the
filligree are various shapes and size settings.
Size is 26 X 60mm, weight 14 grams. $2.50
DT-042, Necklace, gold plate, square
serpentine with varying shades of blue
glass beads. Length is 13.75 inches and
weighs 6 grams. Marked "KOREA" $6.00